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Latest Product - Musashi Takami 40.6 - 332 mm / T4.8  Full Frame Zoom

Takumi means artisan. The lenses are designed and crafted by artisans in Musashi-Opt’s own factory, in-house, in Saitama. The 40.6-332mm Takumi is the second cinema lens designed by renowned Japanese optical manufacturer Musashi. The workmanship is superb and the performance is excellent. Zoom tracking stayed true; the optical center did not waver. The aperture remains constant; there is no exposure ramping. Focus is smooth and does not breathe. The Takami 40.6 - 332 mm / T4.8 Full Frame Zoom is now available for rental  Queenstown Camera  . This zoom features no ramping, Full Frame coverage and an integrated back focus adjustment. Building on Musashi's foundation for optical brilliance, this lens makes a great addition to the full frame zoom family.

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