Latest Product - Black Wing 7  Prime Lenses

Just arrived the new full frame Black Wing 7 Primes made by TRIBE 7 a new company launched by Bradford Young and Neil Fanthom. The current focal lengths we have are : 27,47,57, and 107mm. Every lens is hand built in Germany with a long established and well respected manufacturing firm. A proprietary production tuning process allows the optical performance of each lens in the range to be uniquely configured—tuned or toned to their owner’s wishes and creative style. Three pre-set tonalities are available. Queenstown Camera Co has the T - tuned BLACKWING 7 lenses. T-tuned BLACKWING7 lenses have a profile which further softens the roll-off to the edge of the frame, and provides increased edge detail halation. T lenses are designed to capture a slightly softer, artistic image, with a higher degree of light reactivity and flaring characteristics are harder and more prominent than with the S-tuned version.

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Queenstown Camera Company has provided motion picture cameras and accessories for productions filming in Queenstown and the South Island of New Zealand since 2003.

Our on-going purchasing program ensures the Camera Systems and Lenses available are regularly updated, making sure you have access to the very best equipment for your filming requirements.

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