add to this , the newest arrival , the Arricam Studio , a sync sound camera , the only one in the South Island and you have a pretty useful camera package available . Brett Mills , Ian Turtill and Paul Turtill started the Queenstown Camera Company way back in 2003 with a solitary camera ( an Arri 435 Advanced ) . Today the company carries a comprehensive list of cameras and lenses to meet the needs of the commercials and feature industry in both film and digital domains . One on the aims of Ian Turtill was to provide a camera rental house which catered to the needs of the camera assistant as well as the Production . So you will find Modular 51 bags , Harrrison camera covers etc ...thrown into the camera package at no extra cost . As well known American Director / DOP Bob Gordon was quoted as saying about shooting in Queenstown , " All you have to pack is your toothbrush ! " As nearly 90 percent of the commercials made in Queenstown are dominated by overseas productions , it is pleasing to note that they are able to find the latest camera equipment in excellent working order similar to what they would find in their own countries . There is no need to bring in camera packages from outside Queenstown which may incur high freight cost .